Multnomah Falls

  • Title:  Multnomah Falls
  • Description:  Featured in numerous commercials and countless weddings, and the crown jewel of the Columbia River Gorge. Located just 40 minutes from downtown Portland, Multnomah Falls spills approximately 660 feet to the stream below, intersected by a stone footbridge built by Italian craftsmen in 1910. Some planning was required to capture the majesty of the falls before 136 tourists with I-Phones commandeered the bridge, so I set up and photographed at 7:30 A.M. For such a scene I was in no rush, and used my 1940's era Burke and James 4x5 camera and old Graflex Optar lens, shooting at F32 for maximum depth-of-field and about 2 seconds. The combination allows for tack-sharp enlargements of more than 40x50 inches.
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