JR Image offers the finest landscape photography from world renowned master Joel Rothman.


  • Kebler Pass Panorama
    Fall scene, Kebler Pass. Although a dirt road, Kebler Pass is well-maintained, and is consistently ranked as one of the top drives in the country for fall color. Medium format film captures the vibrant colors and provides sharp detail.
  • Cottonwood Pass, Colorado
    The pass between Buena Vista and the Taylor Reservoir/River, which eventually reaches Gunnison, can always be depended on for stunning fall scenes. This was practically roadside. Slide film captures the vibrant colors.
  • Kebler Pass, Colorado.
    There are few drives anywhere in the U.S. that can rival Kebler Pass for blazing fall color and enchanted beauty. This is one of the rare spots in Colorado where the confluence of altitude, temperature, location, etc. typically provide large swatches of blazing red aspens. I used a Mamiya RB67 medium format camera and venerable Fuji Velvia film to try and do this scene justice. The Mamiya system has very sharp lenses and almost 5x the film area of 35mm.
  • Four Mile Creek Rainbow
    Fall trip just outside of Fairplay, Colorado. Rainbow after storm.
  • Bear Creek Falls
    Another view of beautiful Bear Creek Falls, just minutes from downtown Telluride. Fixed sharp wide-angle lens and Velvia slide film.
  • SpringCandy
    The last signs of winter join with June wildflower blooms to provide a stunning scene just south of Lake Tahoe. Used Fuji Pro 160S medium format film to capture detail throughout the tonal range as well as rich color.
  • Sunset- Cannon Beach, Oregon
    4x5 large format pinhole camera captured the vivid sunset colors at Haystack Rock on oregon's Cannon Beach. Due to the very long exposure necessitated by the tiny pinhole aperture, the clouds can be seen blowing through the image; people and dogs cannot.

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